look more natural with
Lips by Keetha

You absolutely can have knock out lips without looking over done. Getting natural looking lips takes more than just injecting filler in the spots you think need help. It take an artist to know exactly how much to put in where to make you look just the right amount of plump. Keetha Hanlin's award winnging technique is just that, art. Find out for yourself why our clients come from so far to see only her for their lips.


See for yourself

Lip Correction

Patient right after lip filler injection with Restylane for lower lip and philtrum columns. She had been somewhere else previously that had over injected her top lip. Keetha dissolved her top lip filler to make it more even (hence swelling of left side of lip.


Upper Lip Defined

Patient right after lip filler injection with .4cc of Restylane Refyne  for upper lip and philtrum columns. You can absolutely achieve a natural slight lip plump!

Procedure Benefits

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic enhancement procedure that adds volume to the lips using injectable fillers, such as Juvéderm, Restylane and Radiesse

• Provides a fuller, more youthful look
• Better control over lip volume
• Gradual treatments for those unsure
• Semi-permanent, but long lasting
• Less likely to cause bruising

• Unlikely allergic reactions
• Very little downtime
• Short procedure times
• Works well with other stackable treatments
• Improves self confidence


What our clients are saying

Amazing experience. Love Keetha’s technique so much I fly from Nashville. She is awesome.
— Jennifer L.
I was a first timer to fillers etc. This was all foreign to me. I didn’t know what to expect or what I wanted or needed to look refreshed. Keetha goes over in great detail what might work for you based on your desired outcome, time, budget & you never feel rushed or even that services are being pushed on you.
— Dawn S.