IV Therapy

Restore your body's youth and vitality with one of our IV Therapies. Specially formulated to hydrate, support, regulate and replenish your body.




Basic Hydration Therapy

Quench your bodies thirst with our basic rehydration therapy infusion. This treatment benefits acute dehydration not relieved by oral intake of fluid…a great way to recharge after a day in the sun, a night on the town, or to combat general symptoms of dehydration.


Athletic Performance Therapy

Recalibrate your body after a hard workout, day on the golf course, marathon, etc. Perfect for anyone that who wants to train hard, we recommend this infusion before or after intense physical activity. 


Immune boosting Therapy

Rev your body’s engine with our immune boosting formula. Designed to optimize your immune system in wake of the cough, cold, and flu season..or other illnesses. 


Activate skin, hair, and nails

Restore dry skin, wrinkles, skin blemishes, and promote healthy aging with our beauty treatment. Hydrate the skin from the inside out is even more effective for rejuvenating your outward appearance. 


Weight Management Treatment

Reduce body fat and bloating with this specialized formula that flushes away toxin, boosts energy, and regulates hydration. When diet and exercise aren’t giving you the results you need, this weight-loss treatment will help your body to burn fat.